Set up Geofencing



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  • Damian

    My girlfriend and I live together. We both have iPhones. I would like for Presence to recognize our account as being in "Away" mode only when *both* me and my girlfriend are away from our home (for obvious reasons). Unfortunately, this does not yet appear to be possible, as the last part of your article explains:

    >We do not yet support multiple devices and geofencing. If you have 2 devices with geofencing on your system will respond to the last event from either. Whichever entered or left the zone last. We will in the future.

    Could you please update this article—and reply to this comment—as soon as this feature is added, so I can be alerted, as soon as it happens? I would like to begin using Presence regularly, and probably upgrade to Presence Pro, but until this feature is added, Presence unfortunately doesn't meet my needs.

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